Our building is closed - but our ministry isn't.
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We are the church, the people of God. And we have the greatest story in the whole world to tell: About the greatest person ever, and the greatest achievement ever, to deal with the greatest problem ever. And this great Story is all about Jesus: the one ‘by whom and for whom all things were made’ (Colossians 1:16).

Our world has become very anxious and fragile due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The luxuries in Australia we have taken for granted, such as health, shopping, jobs/income, learning at school, freedom to travel, exercise at the gym, etc. have been shown to be not so strong, or stable or secure as we once thought. These things can be very easily and quickly taken away by death, or illness or government shut-down.

But there is good news: true Hope, true security and true connection can be found in Jesus - the Son of God who died for us, and rose again, to reconcile us to God and give eternal life to all who trust in him. He is our Rock, our Shield and our refuge in this chaotic COVID-ravaged world. “Blessed are all who take refuge in him” (Psalm 2:12). We hope and pray that you’ll take refuge in him, too (if you haven’t already).

During this time of COVID 19 restrictions, we’re not meeting in our building or conducting face-to-face meetings. We will return to our premises when instructed by Diocesan authorities (in step with Government health guidelines). However, we continue our ministry online via Zoom and also our Youtube Channel. You’re very welcome to join us.

Please put your email address into the relevant section of this website, and you’ll be updated with a regular email. If you have Facebook, please join our Facebook page which is updated each week as well.

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We run a kids’ church programme on Sunday mornings via Zoom, but you will need permission from our administrator to receive the link to that meeting. It’s a chance for our young ones to see each other online, hear a Bible story, play a game and pray for one another.

Please keep in touch, and we pray and look forward to being able to see one another face to face soon.

God bless,
Matt Scheffer
Priest in charge of St James’ Pakenham
August 2020